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What is FinGen? What is it all about? What do we do and what kind of services do we offer?


*FinGen* _(is a short form of Financial Genius Money Group), a social enterprise working in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, Bank of Zambia (BOZ) and many others to drive financial education and inclusion in Zambia


*Background :*

FinGen was founded in 2007 by a group of enthusiastic and passionate Zambians, who rallied together to tackle poverty with a new and different approach. It is one of the first not-for-profit organization in Zambia to identify and advance the idea that provision of access to appropriate formal financial services among economically active women ,men , and youths is an effective tool in poverty eradication through financial educational programs. It was first operating under a name **Network for Poverty Reduction Zambia** it changed it's name to FinGen in 2020.


*Vision :*

To become Zambian's leading provider of financial education and facilitator of easy access to appropriate and broad based financial services.


*Mission Statement :*


To improve and sustain the financial well-being of adult and youth in Zambia


*Our core values:*

To attain our vision and fulfill our mission, FinGen commits to uphold the following core values:


*Innovation -* We shall effectively utilize state of the art technology to facilitate easy access to financial services and provide financial education among the economically active women, men and youths.

*Professionalism -* We shall optimize our individual capabilities and talent to create the necessary synergies that will ensure that all our activities are done responsibly and to the satisfaction of all.

*Love and compassion -* We shall love and promote a sense of unity of purpose, love and kindness in all our interrelationships at both individual and corporate level.


*What we do:*


1. Financial education:

We empower women, men and youths with the financial management and planning tools to help them practically engage in proper management planning of their financial. The following are the tools we provide ;


(i) Individual and Business Cash Control & Montly Budget (IBCC&MB)

(ii) Personal Financial Counsellors

(v) loans to entrepreneurs.


Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia

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