Privacy Policy

Billing Policy

Our billing policy is all-inclusive because we are quite aware that different customers prefer different payment options as it suits them. We have different payment methods offered that our customers can choose what will suit their comfort and convenience.

Entrepreneurship Corner’s electronic payment guidelines are all in line with the Direct Pay Online payment guidelines and payment methods. When making electronic payments for services, our customers can choose among the multiple payment methods offered such as PayPal, Airtel and MTN mobile money transfer, M-Pesa, X-pay and Debit/Credit card among others.

Our Online payment methods on the website are very secure. They are safe and trusted, with 24/7 fraud prevention and risk management. We have an SSL certificate installed which means, all information are safe and cannot be spied on.

Cancellation Policy

Entrepreneurship Corner’s guideline to cancellation of an active subscription on the website;

Entrepreneurship Corner retains the right of entities listed on the web site to cancel a directory listing at any time during a period being active.

Ensure that submission of cancellation of a listing is submitted is done before having a directory listing removed from the website.

Refund Policy

Entrepreneurship Corner’s guideline on refunds based on an active subscription; Users wanting to cancel their active listings can do so at their own will and convince by submitting a request for cancellation, however an active user will only be allowed a refund within the first 30 days of listing their subscription at 40% of the subscription fee that was paid.

After one month of being active on the website, a cancellation may made but the user account holders will not receive any refund money for the payment made for the subscribed period.

Legal Policy

Our legal policy is based on professional, moral, ethical and state laws, we prudently follow all laid down guidelines of conduct laid down in the Republican Constitution of Zambia;

The general code of conduct at Entrepreneurship Corner is grounded on mutual respect and what is universally and morally accepted as standard conduct of behaviour among stakeholders of the website.

Third parties post the directory listing information; we therefore discourage the use of copyright material of another person(s) or entity without the prior permission to do so, as such matters can attract litigation to would-be offender therefore, Entrepreneurship Corner will not be liable from such matters arising from abuse of intellectual property rights. All damages, penalties or losses arising infringement of copyright material will be incurred by the said responsible parties.

We strongly discourage account holders on the website from be engaging in any offensive, inappropriate, immoral, illegal or any other unusual behaviour that may lead to penalties, litigation, payment for damages, suspension or worse-off being banning from the website.

Privacy Policy

Entrepreneurship Corner has strict privacy policy of protecting the personal information of user account holders of the website. We respect and value the privacy of our customers and ensure all is done possible to safe guard the privacy of our customers’ information that is provided to the website.

Entrepreneurship Corner will however, promote directory listings to rank top on popular search engines, this is to enable our customers’ information to be more marketable to their customers’ thereby increasing traffic to their profile; giving the opportunity to do more business.

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